Alchemax is a future company in a number of 2099 AD timelines. Spider-Man worked there as a scientist. Alchemax and its CEO, corrupt board-members and such served a villainous organization for the heroes of the 2099 universe to fight.



  • ECO Corp. (CEO Ravage ; Director-General Anderthorp Henton ; Tiana Sikoski and Fearmaster )
  • Public Eye (Director Fearmaster ; employees include Kerry Dowenn, Rico Estevez, Tiger Wylde , Jake Gallows , Baldur Gallows, Matt Axel, Menen, Tamoff, "Chief", Randy, Commissioner Bennelli Anne Robyns, Zandra, Mr. Sampson, Lieutenant McGruder, Sergeant Seth, Estevez, Sarge, Malik, Sergeant Rico Estevez, Pugsili and Gold Heart )
  • R&D Department (Director Tyler Stone ; employees include Miguel O'Hara , Jordan Boone , Walker Sloan and Aaron Delgado )
  • Shadow Division (Director Serena Patel )
  • Aesir (Baldur (Earl MacRoth); Heimdall; Hela (Tiana Sikoski); Loki (Jordan Boone) ; Thor (Cecil McAdam))
  • Ten Minute Club (Alchemax Marines): Dean Gallows, Chuck
  • Alche-Bank (Mr. Sampson)


  • Alchemax is responsible for the birth of Degens, mutated humans with no legal rights or existence, and who find refuge at the Degen Hostel, funded by Matt Axel, and are tracked by Gene Guards, racist murderers, and Alchemax's commandos. The creations of Degens occurs in drugs tests such as the energide, or the Red Dog project. The conditions of Degens seems to be genetically transmissible.
  • It was mainly featured in the Spider-Man 2099 comics. Alchemax is no longer featured in comics due to the cancellation of the 2099 line, but it is presumably active in some form in its own reality, ready to be evil again some day.


In Shattered Dimensions, it was established that Alchemax's logo is identical to the Avengers'; a fact Spider-Man is quick to comment on.